Gordon Shkurhan


I often describe myself as a Japanese soul, stuffed into the body of a Canadian, living in Hong Kong. A bit of a mess perhaps, but it seems to be a good combination for seeing the world with open eyes.

Since the artistic community has yet to recognize the merits of stick figures, I express my art by means of camera and film. I admit it, I said the f-word. Though I use digital capture for clients, my personal artistic choice is still analogue.

Pardon the pun, but, the focus of my personal work tends toward street, travel and portrait photography. In my street photography, I try to capture people as naturally as possible, particularly the interactions they have with others and their surroundings. In my more structured portraits too, I try to capture the connection with the person I'm photographing.

I have several ongoing projects, but the one that is of greatest importance to me began over 15 years ago when I was living in Japan: photographing traditional Japanese swordsmith, Takami Kuniichi.

I don't really have a deeply philosophical reason for photographing the things I do. I photograph whomever and whatever catches my interest and try to do so in a way that makes the viewer stop and take notice.

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